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  According to the statistics, only 58% of college graduates could find jobs in their specialties. Why do college graduates find it increasingly difficult to get a rewarding job?

  One reason perhaps is that many colleges and universities fail to adapt their courses to the development of economy. Degree courses offered in these institutions of higher learning are so outdated, irrelevant and impractical that the students themselves find it hard to translate their book knowledge into real job skills. Second, there is an oversupply of graduates in certain specialties.

  So many of them can not enter the professions for which they are trained. College graduates are valuable resources in our country. The problems they encounter in job hunting deserve more attention.





It's said that Chinese students lack working and real-life experience.
So the first thing in my mind for job is one that can give me enough experience.Second,in order to make a warm-up for my future work,I want to get a job that relates to my major in university.Third,I want to improve my ability of communicating. So these are my goals in finding a job.

Before I go to realise it,I should make full preparations for it.First of all,I will determine what I want to do.It comes to my mind to be a personal teacher. Because it meets all my expectations.I major English in school,so I can use what I learn.Besides,I can really find a stranger to talk to and to study with.If I did well,I should be thanked and give another person some help.

Last but not least,being a personal teacher can get a good salary.



First with today’s economy the job market can be perfect for some but terrible for others.  If you graduate with a degree in accounting or business the field is steadily growing and firms are continuously hiring entry-levels and trying to expand their market share.  On the other side, to find a job in education, communications or advertising for example, it is very hard to find any company that is hiring since many are trying to cut costs.

In my opinion, since I recently faced this critical situation I would suggest that if you can receive a job offer now, take it!  You never know what the job market will be like in two years, maybe even worse.  On the other hand if you have a tough time entering into the job market, I would recommend continuing your education, especially if it was already a future goal.  It is always harder to start working and then go back to school.  In today’s job market many are being laid off from their long time jobs while many of us graduates are trying to break into the workforce for the very first time. In the end, the decision is left up to the future graduate, which choice fits their needs and what work load they will be able to handle.




College Students’ Job Hunting
  Nowadays, the employment of college students is becoming more and more of a problem. About a decade ago, university students could find satisfactory and enviable jobs after graduation, while the things are quite different at present. In addition, according to statistics, about 30% of graduate students can’t find a job but stay at home after graduation

  Employment difficulty of college students is due to the following reasons. Among these, the increasing recruitment of colleges and universities plays a vital role. In addition, many colleges and universities fail to adapt their courses to the development of economy

  Considering the seriousness of unemployment of college students, I think it is high time that we took effective measures to solve the problem. Above all, college students should realize their own defects and further improve themselves to keep their competitive edge in society. Moreover, colleges or universities should provide more trainings and internship opportunities before the students enter the society. Besides, college students should hold a right attitude towards jobs and set their job expectations at a suitable level. Only through these ways can the college students find a satisfactory job and have a brighter future.









  Is Good Appearance More Important than Capability?

  Old people often tell the young, Dont judge a person by his appearance, meaning capability is more important than appearance. However, nowadays, with more interviewers putting emphasis on looks and the appearance of the applicants, a lot of people come to the conclusion that appearance is more important than capability.

  As for me, I cant agree with this argument. Good appearance is pleasant, but capability is more important, because it demonstrates ones self-cultivation and practical values. It shows the efforts and the glory of acquiring something through ones hard work whereas good looks bespeak no struggle of the individual. Besides, maybe sometimes a beautiful face can help a girl acquire a good position, but in the long run it is her talent not her look that really works in her career development.

  Therefore, those without good appearance neednt feel depressed because ones success depends on his capability; those with good appearance have to work hard since good appearance cannot bring a person final success.



The ways to find a job

There are many ways to find a job. First you should write a resume. A resume tells about your education, skills and work experience. Next, Mister Bolles says you should publish your resume on an Internet Web site called a job bank. The Web site also should have job announcements from employers. Usually, job listings will be sent to you by e-mail. If the list includes a job you like, the third step is to call or e-mail the company. The employer may ask you to meet to talk about the job.

Major national Web sites such as monster.com or hotjobs.com are very popular. Experts say you should also use Web sites for the cities where you would like to work. You can search for jobs by industry, location or job title. Also, you can apply for positions online.

Some experts suggest using several different ways to search for a job. These may include attending job fairs, searching newspapers and magazines for job listings and networking.

Job fairs are organized events for employers and people who are looking for jobs. In different areas of a large room, representatives provide information about their companies. You can go to each area to ask questions about the companies. And you can leave a copy of your resume with each one.

You can also go to your local community library. You can find information about companies and job listings by using computers, newspapers and magazines.

I think the best way to find a job is to use the networking system service.Experts say networking is one of the best ways to find a job. Networking is talking to people about your job search. You can talk to people you work with now or worked with in the past. You can also talk to friends and family members.

Experts say networking should be a part of your daily job search. Someone you know may have information about a job that would be perfect for you. There is an American expression that says, "Sometimes it is not just what you know, but who you know.



According to the relevant institutions, most young people don't know what you want.
Want to do what, first asked five problems: I want to go where? Where am I? I have? My gap in where? I have to do?
    above five goals, orientation, covers conditions, distance etc, plan, as in the above a few key points in detail and design meticulously, own factors and social condition, to the greatest extent do for the implementation of process control, and to know the disadvantages in real life, career planning has more practical meaning.

Career orientation
And this is the unity of social orientation, only about yourself in the basis and can only give yourself accurate positioning.
Examine personal characteristics (a) desire (on) (work) in this life stages, you want? (2) (being) what are you good at? General technology and special technology () (3) character traits (Temperament, nature) (Temperament) (Temperament, nature) what kind of person are you? Under what conditions is the best performance? (4) Assets (Assets) (tangible and intangible) than others what you have the place?
Each people all need positioning, its purpose is to ensure oneself continuously development. But all the different groups positioning point positioning is clear: what oneself. Too high or too low valuation, is their diplomas, or value their results, some too much underestimate yourself, so that both the potential to seriously, and the need to analyze their social demand, in order to understand more accurate location. In most cases, the correct idea is, do you should do, not what you like to do

To find a job with do other things, also have the method and the skill. Many people find work not because they have no ability to work, but because they have to find a job in the process of using the correct method and some skills. The so-called skill, mainly includes three aspects of content:

Know yourself, including 1. Know their knowledge and skills, personality, hobbies and physical condition, etc. Before the job, you must have comprehensive understanding, must know you can do the job, not for any work. To find a job, not their ability to clearly business to do the work, but the results should do must be rejected.

2. Know your chosen career and industry. Understand professional job content, the nature and quality requirements for practitioners. Can do to relatives and friends who have related work about the situation, also can be in this aspect of work to others, they ask, rich experience and experience to provide you with guidance information, they work in the process of teaching, to you can fail prevent role, and their successful experience and you can use.

3. Self is recommended. Know yourself and work on the basis of employment, began. Job is looking for work and get the process, usually include obtain information, to employ such talk, interview and signing. To find a job like selling goods, to make customers buy your product, you must tell each other, how the quality of your goods is high, the price is reasonable, how to attract people to buy the product. Likewise, when the job is to surround "I really have the ability to do this job, but I request is very reasonable" such a center. One must learn to promote oneself, others will be recognized and hire you



检视个人特质(一)欲望(Desires)) (做事的能力)在此人生阶段 ,你究竟要什么?(二)能力(Ability) 你擅长什么?(一般技术以及特别技术)(三)性格特质(气质、性质) (Temperament) (气质、性质)你是什么类型的人?在何种情况下有最佳表现?(四)资产(Assets) (有形与无形)你有什么比别人占优势的地方? 







job  hunting(找工作)为主题的英语作文

As a college student,I am afraid of my future job,especially these two years.There are more and more colleages while less and less job place to meet.It is said that ten students complete for only one job.We all know that ecnomic crisis in the whole world lead to many unemployment.As a result,this is the main reason.But when the ecnomic crisis didn't come,there are also many students have difficuly in their job hunting.our Country has made a lot of opportunities for us.Generally speaking,many people can find their job.But a lot of college students think they are highly educated.So they should fit for high salary job.However, they lack of work experience.After all,many company hope to find a worker with much experience and this kind job is not so common.In addition,specialty which students major in is not according with the job's requirement.Lots of companies want to recruit the workers connected with their specialty.

     However,we should not be prevented by these problems.Here,I have some suggestions.First,we should change the way of our job hunting.We should find job no matter how much the salary is.As long as we have our own job,we can acquire much useful knowleage by working.If we do well,then we can relize our ideal futher more.Also,we can attend some training class for the job.By this way we can find a job easily.